Why use AcuBase?

Strengthen Your Practice!

AcuBase Pro gives you access to all your daily mission critical management tasks from one hub.
By using just one vendor to manage your practice, you can get much more done with your patients.

Access Data From Anywhere

AcuBase gives you the freedom  to complete your work from anywhere: check on an appointment at home, send an invoice from a coffee shop, add patient notes from your iPad or iPhone… it’s completely up to you!

Affordable for Any Office – Starting At Just $599.

AcuBase is affordable for any office, and depending on which option you choose, you can have multiple staff and practitioners working all at the same time at no additional charge.  In addition, AcuBase includes support and upgrades at no extra charge.  We feel if you are using our product, you should be able to call and ask questions…simple as that.

Easy to Set Up & Use

AcuBase is simple to set up.  We are happy to help, or simply get started on your own.  Create specific user and practice settings to allow quick billing, scheduling and note taking.  We can even transfer most of your data directly into AcuBase in many cases.

Your Data is Safe

AcuBase will back up your files when  you close the program and add that back up file to your hard drive.  Role-based login security and log files provides even greater protection to all the information you store and ensures that only the right people have access to certain information.

Claims Get Paid Faster

Get paid by the insurance company up to 90% faster through our electronic billing system. After creating an invoice with AcuBase , simply submit your claim instantly to your preferred clearinghouse.  You can submit one at a time, or if you wish create a batch of claims with AcuBase and send them all at once.  If there are any problems with the claim, the clearinghouse will usually let you know within 24 hours. The faster your claim gets processed, the sooner you get your money!

Who Doesn’t Like Free…Support?

Unlike other practice management software programs that charge you up to hundreds of dollars  extra for a capped amount of technical support, we will gladly help you with any technical questions or problems as part of your monthly subscription. If you have a problem, or need to ask a question,  simply give us a call, send us an e-mail, or click on the live chats.

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