AcuBase Pro is usable in any practitioner's office.

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AcuBase Pro

AcuBase Pro is usable in any practitioner’s office. Whether you are an alternative or traditional practitioner, or have a small or multidisciplinary office, you can use AcuBase Pro to build and manage your practice. Our support team will help you set things up and if you ever have questions, we are here to help, free of charge.

If you have the need for a scheduler to manage patients, or carry inventory, or create bills…whether they are Superbills or invoices submitted to insurance carriers, we can help. We have all ICD and CPT codes in our system, and also provide the ability to create a preferred code list or you can add your own codes.

For all practitioners, the software will allow you to save your data, access it from anywhere, have automatic back up stored on our secure servers to give you peace of mind…all at a small monthly cost that is made up by seeing just one patient.

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