Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, we have had a number of the same questions asked of us repeatedly.

What follows are some answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the fastest, easiest way to use this program in a way that saves me time and makes the most of the program?
A: Start by reading through the AcuBase Pro User ‘s Guide. For a quick start we have outlined the important settings to set up on the Getting Started Page. Follow along in the program and play around a bit before getting too serious in order to get comfortable.  Jump in! And remember that your program will expire in 30 days if youare an unlicensed user. Contact Trigram Software when you are ready to purchase a license, or to renew your license at the end of each 12-month period. Once the program is licensed, all data already entered into the program will continue to be accessible–you do not need to reinstall anything.

Q: How do I upgrade from an older version of AcuBase to AcuBase Pro?
: If you own AcuBase 2.002 or earlier, you will not be able to upgrade your data to this version of AcuBase Pro. The reason for this is that the Pro version was created in a newer, faster database engine that is not compatible with the engine used to run older versions.
If you have been running AcuBase 2.003 or later, please contact us and let us know wish to upgrade. We will walk you through the process.

Q: I have a really old / really new computer. Will AcuBase Pro work with my computer and operating system?
Please read the minimum system requirements found here  to see if your computer meets these requirements

Q: I know that I need to keep a backup of my AcuBase Pro data current at all times. How do I make a backup?
Clicking on the Backup button in the Settings/General tab makes animmediate backup of the AcuBase file to the Backup folder within the AcuBase directory on the computer. The date and time of the last backup is recorded here as well. Each time you close the program, AcuBase will ask if you wish to make a backup. We recommend that you further back up the whole AcuBase folder onto a CD, Zip disk, or some other  removable media so that, if something goes wrong with your computer, you can always load the backed-up program onto another machine without losing data. Simply backing up the AcuBase Pro folder/directory  (with the program CLOSED) will save all data related to the program. Mac users, copy the AcuBase Pro folder from your hard drive to your backup media. PC users, back up the AcuBase directory, located at C:\program files\trigram software\AcuBase (where “C:” equals the letter of your hard drive).
It is essential that you keep a backup of all files related to AcuBase, as well as any and all other mission-critical files that you use. This is your responsibility as a businessperson and a prudent computer user. The makers of AcuBase Pro ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR DATA LOST WHEN NO RECENT BACKUP HAS BEEN MADE.

Q: Why aren’t all of the menu items for each screen explained in the user’s manual or anywhere else?
A: AcuBase Pro was created in FileMaker Pro 12. As a result, users have access to many of the menu items at the top of the screen that FileMaker provides. We highly recommend that AcuBase Pro users stick to the buttons at the top of each screen which have been provided. Each button on a given screen has scripts attached to it that make sure that the integrity of the database is kept consistent. The one exception to this suggestion is the Commands menu. The Commands menu has a list of commands for which keyboard shortcuts may be used. These shortcuts, once learned, may provide faster navigation through the program without the necessity of using the mouse.

Q: Can I import data from other programs, or export data? It appears that there is an import and export capability in the program.
Trigram Software will not support importing or exporting to or from AcuBase Pro, except within the context of upgrading from a previous version of AcuBase Pro. We highly recommend that you do NOT attempt to import or export records to or from AcuBase Pro. AcuBase Pro is a relational database, which means, among other things, that the information you are viewing at any one time may actually be kept in one of many different related database files that you never see. AcuBase Pro is NOT designed to export to QuickBooks or any other program. You may, however, copy data or a large block of text from one field or document, and paste it into a given field within AcuBase Pro. (For instance, if you have written an intake for a given patient in Microsoft Word, you may copy it there, and paste it into a new Intake [under the “Intakes and Activities tab”] within that patient’s record in AcuBase Pro.)

Q: Why do my reports or print jobs sometimes look fine in Preview mode, but then only print one record or one line from my printer?
On some occasions, the print preview of a report may look good, but when you go to print, the printed version only prints one line of data in the report. If this happens, go to print the report again and, when your printer’s print dialog window comes up (the first window after the print preview), make sure that “Print: Records Being Browsed” is selected, rather than “Print: Current Record.”

Q: Why is it that, when printing superbills or CMS forms for some of my patients, the provider name and clinic information (CMS box 33) do not show up? I know that I entered this information correctly into the Preferences section of AcuBase Pro!
This issue often comes up when patient information has been entered prior to setting up provider preference information. Because each patient is assigned a provider as soon as the patient is entered into the database, if the provider preferences were not entered before the patient was put into the database (or were changed after the patient was put in), the correct provider information will not show up in box 33 of the CMS  1500 form. You will have to go back and reassign the correct provider to each patient in the database to fix this.

To do this, simply go to the Patient Information tab for the patient in question, click on the Provider field at the top of the screen, and pick a provider OTHER than the correct one. Click anywhere to set and save this incorrect provider. Then click in the field again, and pick the correct provider for the patient. Doing this resets the patient record to the correct provider. If you are seeing this issue come up repeatedly with many different patient bills, you may wish to do a Replace All for the provider field so that you do not have to manually reassign the provider for each patient in the database individually. To do this, see the instructions on the Replace All feature discussed in Chapter 2 of the User Manual.

Q: How do I duplicate a patient record or an invoice?
Unfortunately, even though you may go to the Records menu and select Duplicate Record we HIGHLY recommend you do not do this. Because AcuBase Pro is a relational database, duplicating a patient record also duplicates its internal (unique) reference information, and hence all related information (such as activities, invoices, etc.). This means that any changes you make to the newly duplicated record will also be made to the old record, and you will essentially have two duplicate records, neither of which you can modify without the modification happening in both the old and the new records. (Make sense?) Further, if you do duplicate a record, and then try to delete it, you will delete both the newly duplicated AND the original record.
Instead of duplicating, take the time to create a new patient record or invoice. It may seem time-consuming, but it will actually save you time over failed file duplication. Also remember to stick to the buttons on the top of each screen, using only the Commands menu and File menu as necessary.

Q: Does AcuBase Pro have a Spelling Dictionary?
A: Funny you should ask… Why, yes, it does! AcuBase Pro users may check the spelling of any record by going to the Edit menu, and selecting Spelling. The default dictionary is U.S. English. Select Check Record to check only the record you are viewing, or Check All to check all records in the database you are looking at. You can also select the option under Edit / Spelling of “Select Dictionaries…” Further, words not recognized in the dictionary are underlined in red. Right-click on those words, go to Suggested Spellings, and add or correct the word there.

Q: How can I limit what I find or what I print to a given date range? How can I find all of the records in the database for a given report?
A date range is entered as two dates with “…” between them. For example, to find all transaction for the year 2001 only, after you click the “Find” button at the top of the screen, or from the “Find Info for Reports” screen that comes up when you try to create a new report, you would enter “01/01/2001…12/31/2001” [without the quotes] and click the “Find” button.) A special note on the * operator and finding for dates: The best and easiest way to find all records for a given month or year is to find with the *. For instance, if you wish to create a happy birthday letter and find for all people born in the month of September, you would go to Find mode and, in the DOB (Date of Birth) field, put “9/*/*”. To find all records, after you click the Search button at the top of the screen, simply click on the Find or Continue button without having entered any find criteria.
For more extensive information on all of the different ways you can Find records, see “To Find Records” section of this user manual’s Chapter 2:Getting Started with AcuBase Pro.

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