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Blogging and your Business

By admin  |  Published on December 7th, 2010

Sociable blogging has become popular in business and for good reason.  Blogs allow a business to communicate with the market directly.  It encourages the consumer to talk back and share.  This powerful tool can correspond on the changes within the actual organization or announce new products and services pertinent to the market.  Consumers can respond back to initial company blogs and engage in further communication.  The benefits of blogging like other social media outlets attract more conversationalists and if done correctly more business.

Blogging is great for creating dialogue and gaining knowledge on the opinions or interest of your target market.  It also enhances search optimization to your company profile. Your blog is just another way to announce that you exist.  Certain keywords from your blog can catch that much more attention.  If you’re an acupuncturist that is blogging on the latest herbal remedy and someone keys it in.  Your blog comes up online, therefore attracting attention to your business. 

A few effective and simple ways to start blogging is on your website and mini-blogging on twitter.  Blogging on your website directly links viewers to your homepage.  Make sure that the company blog is noticeable on the front page.  Encourage feedback and write on market topics you find genuinely interesting.  Typically it’s very easy to implement a user friendly blog area to your website.  Twitter is a great tool for quick announcements.  It is fairly straightforward on creating a profile with your website address and other contact information.   Also, make sure to post your blogs on the facebook page and suggest to others.  Blogging can be fun and a great way to meet others interested in your services and have the same interests.

Author:  Meredith Crown Smith

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