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I have used Acubase since the inception of my business, and would be lost without it.  It is an excellent program, perfectly tailored to the needs of the practitioner.  It gets better and better with each evolutionary upgrade, providing a busy doctor with up-to-date business procedures.  Besides the program itself, the next best thing about Trigram is their technical support staff.  The support team has promptly and competently assisted me time and again with all of my questions and needs.  Thank you!
Jan C. Jay, DOM
Albuquerque, NM


I did a lot of research on chiropractic billing and practice management software, downloaded many demos, and found AcuBase to be the most intuitive, easy to use, and with the most up-to-date graphics.  I was impressed with the quick-response support, and the great low price!
James Vahl, DC
Vahl Chiropractic Wellness Center
San Diego, California


Bottom line, AcuBase is saving us thousands of dollars a year.  We were spending a ton on medical practice management, calendaring, and marketing software we could barely figure out, and we had to pay extra for support each time we hired a new employee.  AcuBase is so simple, I could run the office myself if I wanted to; it’s so easy to learn, we were up and doing free electronic billing in 15 minutes. Not to mention the calendaring and marketing services we were able to do away with.   I wish I’d known about you years ago.  Just think of the vacation I could’ve taken.
Bob Valjean, MD
New York


Here in the office, Acubase makes life simple, providing all of the nice perks of a sophisticated billing program, without the expense. As working practitioners and software specialists, the Trigram people know exactly what clinics in the field need. Additionally, customer service isn’t an 800 number that connects to an office in some far-away country. My questions are always answered promptly and thoroughly, many times by the programmers themselves, and at no additional cost.
Barbara Burns, L.Ac.
Los Angeles, California


You might remember us at Jade River Healing Arts Center….thanks for the technical support you’ve offered us as we changed our database platform from Medisoft to Acubase. After using Medisoft for 6 years, I’m completely happy we switched to Acubase Pro+. What I appreciate about Acubase is the ease of use, the rapidly-available technical support, and the reasonable cost of purchasing & upgrading the software. Additionally, the integrated inventory control is easy to use, and eliminates the need for a separate database.

I’ve recommended your software to many colleagues, including some who are not acupuncturists, because this database is plastic enough to support other practice specialties such as chiropractic & naturopathy. Thanks for creating a user-friendly database that eliminates many of the headaches I experienced with Medisoft. You’ve helped cut my office overhead, and streamlined my large pharmacy inventory process considerably. Thanks for creating such a great product.
Dawn-Starr Crowther
Jade River Healing Arts Center
Portland, Oregon


As the director of a multi-office, multi-specialty medical clinic, I spent weeks looking for a billing and office management system that would take care of all of our needs without breaking the bank.  Unlike other programs, we were up and running in a day, and within a week, we found the program to be indispensable.  And that was before we bought it!  We now have it networked throughout the office, and have been more than happy with the program’s performance, as well as its exceptional support.  Not to mention its low price!  I’d recommend AcuBase to anyone with a small- to medium-sized medical office.
Lisa Vonnegut
San Francisco, California


I chose Acubase for its comprehensiveness and ease of use. It prints out great-looking HCFA’s and superbills easily. You enter the patient info once and then you don’t need to do it again. It also has a great inventory section that is easy to use.
Marian Blum
Monterey, CA


Overall, I find that AcuBase has almost everything I could ask for in a billing and practice management suite.
California Journal of Oriental Medicine


Since the release of its first practice management product, Trigram has apparently been taking user suggestions very seriously. In fact, the literature on their website (http://www.trigram.com) states that most of the current features were taken from user suggestions, which I can attest to.
Michelle Bullard, CPA, L.Ac.
California Journal of Oriental Medicine


We want our students to graduate ready to practice, and for their practice management software, we train them in AcuBase Pro. We have it running both of our clinics in Racine and Chicago.
William Dunbar
Midwest College of Oriental Medicine


If you checked out MacPractice and were put off by the $1500 purchase price and further repulsed by the mandatory $1200/year updates, $1000/day consulting fee for someone to come set it up for you and other ridiculous charges, one of my clients has discovered a much better alternative in AcuBase Pro, built on FileMaker, that costs MUCH less and is run by people who are more client-friendly than MacPractice.
Visit http://www.trigram.com/ for more information.  This covers all needed updates, and information the others charge for, like hospital CPT codes, are free. If you’re in the medical business and would like another reason to dump Windows, here it is. Oh, and the product is cross-platform as well. There are multi-user networked versions available as well.
Michael Pearce ComputerChips Magazine
November 2007


AcuBase is the best program I’ve seen for the price. I wish it existed back when I bought my Chiropractic office management software years ago. It does far more, far more simply, for far less money. It really does everything you need for a well-functioning medical office: billing, scheduling, marketing… I recommend it as the number one medical billing software for offices that do their own billing.
Kevin McNamee, DC, L.Ac.
Los Angeles, CA


Our multi-disciplinary clinic has been using Acubase for over three years now and we love it. After searching, it was our chosen product for it’s simplicity and it’s the only product I could find that could track our patients’ appointments, billing and dispensary all in one program, for a very low price!  In addition, the company listens to our requests for updates, changes and modifications so it’s almost like we’ve gotten a custom program, but with IT support!
Mona Fahoum, ND
University Health Clinic
Seattle, WA


I’ve been impressed with the ease and flexibility to use Acubase Pro+. Navigating around the program is intuitive and layout is both simple and easily understood. I recommend Acubase Pro+ as an important tool for those clinics and providers who choose to do their own in-house billing.
T. Akers, L.Ac.

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